The Open Leadership Approach is made up of a set of defining principles of leadership and a range of tools and methods, designed to help leaders work as effective and ‘open leaders’. 
By ‘open’ I mean leadership beliefs, behaviours and methods that: 
Are authentic and genuine, with little need for pretence or posturing (or the stress and tensions that come with them) 
Allow employees to be heard and to fully engaged in their organisation and its endeavours 
Create a culture of respect and collaboration, rather than one dominated by ‘rank’ and hierarchy 
Embrace difference and diversity 
Provide deep job satisfaction and the joy of being part of something bigger than the individual 
Allow leaders to thrive on the joy of helping their teams to grow and succeed 
Enable organisations to resolve problems and respond to opportunities quickly and effectively 
Deliver powerful and meaningful results to organisations 
The approach starts by outlining a set of beliefs, qualities and purposes for leadership. 
It then provides a set of practical, time tested tools and methods that will allow users to manifest all of the benefits and impacts listed above. The illustration below sets out the synergistic relationship between these two aspects of the Open Leadership Approach. 
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