How to be great in your first (or next) leadership role 

Welcome to the Open Leadership Base! My name is Michael Breeze, and my mission is to create and support a community where prospective and emerging leaders can learn, discuss and deepen their understanding of Open Leadership principles and tools, and so become more effective leaders. 
Mike is the Lead Coach at The Open Leadership Base and the author of the best-selling book ‘Stepping Up, How to be Great in your First (or Next) Leadership Role’. 
Mike also shares the secrets learned from his vast leadership experience on YouTube, through the Open Leadership Channel’. 
Working with major companies around the world, Mike helps them achieve transformational change in their organisation’s performance and improve their management and leadership capabilities. 
In senior management roles, and as a coach and consultant, Mike has worked with many businesses including: Tesco, Tetrapak, Walgreens, Sky TV, Federal Express, The Royal Automobile Club, Zeneca, Vodafone, BP, and Shell. 
Mike has trained and coached leaders in a wide range of cultures and geographic regions including: USA, UK, Europe and the Middle East. 
His passion for the quality of leadership that people and organisations experience, has led him to give away his knowledge free on The Open Leadership Channel, to anyone who wants or needs it. 
Mike believes that leadership quality is of fundamental importance, especially now as many organisations face such enormous challenges. 
Using his ‘Open Leadership Approach’, developed from his many years of hands-on experience and learning, Mike combines a set of principles about what leadership is and should be, with a powerful set of tools and methods that equip leaders to thrive and succeed. 
By providing clear guidance and practical tools, Mike hopes to make it easier for people from all parts of society to Step Up and become leaders. Mike believes that far greater diversity in leadership is a fundamental part of how organisations will meet and beat the challenges ahead. 
For anyone who is starting out as a leader, or thinking about doing so, Mike offers comprehensive guidance and education through his website, the Open Leadership Channel on YouTube and his book: Stepping Up, How to be Great in your First (or Next) Leadership Role. 
Following ‘The Open Leadership Approach’, Mike shows people how to succeed and provide good leadership that will create great teams, generate value and deliver results. 

The Open Leadership Approach 

I advocate and offer education for a style of leadership that is low on ego, inclusive, engaging, outwardly focused and is all about helping the people that we lead, to succeed. I seek to invite new leaders to work with their people in an authentic and open way that allows teams to reach their best potential and deliver results for their organisation. 
This approach removes the risk of leaders thinking that ‘it is all about them’, failing to listen and understand, feeling that they need to know everything or behaving in an overly directive way. The approach also offers practical tools and methods that accelerates team development, problem solving and the delivery of results. 
Making Leadership ‘Open To All’ 
By providing a foundational understanding of leadership principles as well as extensive set of highly practical and time-tested tools and methods, I aim to make it easier and safer for people from all parts of society to ‘Step Up’ to fulfil their potential, contribute to their organisations and to society at large. 
There are many groups who are under-represented in leadership positions, and I hope to help people of any gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity or ability group, to feel able to take up leadership roles. 
The Open Leadership Approach 
Discover more about The Open Leadership Approach 
Leadership Open To All 
Discover more about Leadership Open To All 
'Stepping Up' & Other Resources 
Discover more about 'Stepping Up' & Other Resources 
Because I want to help as many people as possible, all of my online material will always be free to access and subscribe to. I am developing a resource base on this website where subscribers will be able to download material. Every week, I will also generate new educational videos on my YouTube space ‘The Open Leadership Channel’
Community approach 
To help me decide how I can best help and support leaders, I am establishing an active community here, where people can discuss the approach, share stories and ask for further help. 
In addition, one of the purposes of this community is to help me to keep the content as open to input and influence from members as possible. 
Thank you for visiting this website. 
I hope you find it helpful. 
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